October 2021 BoG Minutes

Lyon Park BOG meeting minutes

October 14th, 2021

  1. Call to Order: The BoG met on a webinar. Jeannette Wick called the meeting to order at 7 PM.
    1. Members present: Bill Anhut, Kit Putnam, Natalie Roy, Aaron Schuetz, Paul Showalter, Shelya White, Elizabeth Wray, and Bess Zelle.  
    2. Members absent: Tagrid Wahba.
    3. Guests: Thora Colot
  2. Leadership
    1. Welcome new members
    2. Election of officers:
      1. Chair: Jeannette
      2. Vice Chair:  Natalie and Elizabeth to co-chair
      3. Secretary: Aaron
      4. Treasurer: Bill Anhut
    3. Identification of someone to share relevant information with LPCA (not discussed)
  3. Announcements: 

No other announcements of note.

  1. Standing Agenda:
    1. Treasurer
      1. No treasurer report generated for this meeting

DISCUSSION:  Mr. Anhut gave a summary report of the LPCC’s financial status. Before the meeting, he had provided a 6-year operating summary and enclosed the 3-month income statement for the period ended September 30, 2021 and the September 30 balance sheet. He indicated that the available cash balance was 11,716.67. Ms. Wick indicted that it is probably lower than that, as we had to replace the sump pump again.

ACTION: Mr. Anhut will complete the VA Form 402 to register for charitable donations.

  1. Task: Renew Virginia Form 102, Virginia Registration Statement for Charitable
  2. Review of financial documents
  3. Budget for next FY
  4. Rental Agent Report
    1. Tin ceiling is peeling 

Comment: we need to defer this until we have sufficient funds to fix it. It requires a specialist.

  1. Sump pump broke (again)
    Since we renovated, we have had to fix or replace the sump pump repeatedly. Short discussion followed.
  2. Renter disengaged security system
    Ms. Wick discussed this problem and her review of the situation with the renters. We’ve had the electrician in to move the plug and that should improve the situation.


Mr. Schuetz suggested the idea of reserving the LPCC one weekend every month. Brief discussion followed. Ms. Roy said she thought we should survey our renters after every event.

ACTION/OUTCOME: (1) Mr. Schuetz will draft a proposal for monthly community weekends. (2) Ms. Roy will develop a draft survey and implementation plan before the next meeting.

  1. Special Events overview
    1. Yard sale 30OCT2021 (Margaret Scrymser)
    2. Parade of costumes 30OCT2021 (Paul Showalter)
    3. Bonfire (LPCA to handle)
    4. Craft Fair 20NOV2021 (Jeannette Wick)
    5. Holiday Party
    6. Pancake breakfast
    7. Cupcake sale
    8. Chili dinner
    9. Spring fair 
    10. Golf tourney

Discussion:  Ms. Roy said that she is handling cider and donuts for the bonfire and asked where the Woman’s Club has purchased them in the past. The answer: Crispy Crème, outside the beltway, Route 1, Springfield.) Mr. Showalter asked that we add the annual spaghetti dinner back to the early autumn months for next year. Ms. Zelle asked if the rental agent usually attends these meetings; she does not. She asked that the rental agent be invited to a future meeting.

ACTION/OUTCOME: (1) Ms. Wick will add the spaghetti dinner back to the early autumn months on the standing agenda. (2) We will invite the rental agent as the schedule allows.

  1. Capital Improvement
    1. Pershing Drive redevelopment on LPCA property is complete
    2. Trees: 

Mr. Anhut indicated that we have an additional oak dying and he published an article about it in the LPCA newsletter. He also discussed the remaining stumps and the possibility of having them carved. Several members discussed ways to involve the community, including a contest for designs/ideas, and asking for donations specifically to complete these projects.

  1. Need for increased communication with neighbors re: park matters

The BoG also discussed the need for increased communication with neighbors re: park matters. Mr. Anhut indicated that we’ve had complaints about the playground area but no volunteers to help clean it. 

ACTION/OUTCOME: Ms. Wick will advertise in the LPCA newsletter and on NextDoor and ask for volunteers and donations for playground cleaning.

  1. Fundraising: 

DISCUSSION: None done recently, no discussion.

ACTION/OUTCOME: No action needed.

  1. Deeds issue

Ms. Wick described the current structure of the BoG with trustees and explained that we’ve been advised that most organizations are moving away form a Trustee structure because of liability issues.

DISCUSSION: Because our funds are low, this is not a change we can afford to pursue if we pay someone. Several members indicated that we should be able to find a pro bono lawyer from the neighborhood.

Action: no action chosen.

V: New business:
none discussed.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

_Aaron Schuetz ____________________         __________Jeannette Wick_______________________

Secretary                                                                                         Chair

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