Lyon Park has a listserv on groups.io! Lyon Park and Ashton Heights residents, age 18 or older, are eligible to join. Commercial businesses and nonprofits located in Lyon Park may also join. To subscribe, please send an e-mail to: lyonpark+subscribe@groups.io. We will then write to you to confirm your full name and street address. The listserv moderators may verify the eligibility of those posting to it as required.


The Lyon Park Citizens Association operates this site to share news and information about our neighborhood and Arlington. The listserv is operated to enhance community communications, and content is monitored to ensure it is appropriate for the audience. We welcome cordial conversation, giveaways and one-off sales, as well as recommendations for products and services. We avoid partisan politics and cannot market our own businesses on this site. Those abusing these provisions and/or violating the spirit in which the listserv is operated may be denied the ability to post emails directly to the listserv.

How to Join the List

The listserv is open to Lyon Park and Ashton Heights residents, age 18 and older. Commercial businesses and nonprofits located in Lyon Park may also subscribe to the listserv. To join, send an email to lyonpark+subscribe@groups.io. We will then write you to confirm your street address. The listserv manager may verify the eligibility of those posting to it as required.

Rules for Full-Access Membership

NAMES. Full names will appear on all email accounts for the duration of membership.

AVOID PARTISAN POLITICS.  No posting of political or election campaign material.

NO MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS. Inquire about purchasing ads in the citizens association newsletter by emailing lyonpark+owner@groups.io.

RULES OF CIVILITY. You must keep all conversations cordial. Avoid jokes, comments, or quips that single out a race, religion, sexual orientation, age group, or any other demographic or personal attribute. Such messaging conflicts with the values of a welcoming community. No flaming. List members who launch personal attacks or participate in flame wars will be unsubscribed. Knowingly and/or repeatedly violating the listserv rules will result in cancellation of listserv membership, where reinstatement will require approval of the LPCA Executive Committee.

SITE ADMINISTRATION. List administrators/moderators will use their judgment to moderate members and to unsubscribe members who violate site rules. “Moderate” means a member’s messages will be reviewed before release to the group.

From time to time, the entire list may be moderated, at the sole discretion of the Lyon Park Citizens Association President or his/her designee.

COMPLAINTS. If you observe a violation of list rules, forward the offending email to site moderators at lyonpark+owner@groups.io. Volunteer moderators respond as soon as they’re available and will exercise their judgment in addressing complaints, with input from the citizens association President if needed.

User Tips 

YOUR ACCOUNT. Access your account from the main site page >Upper Right>Click on your name or email address to make sure you are logged in. Stay logged in to allow access to links, photos, and attachments in list messages. You can change your email address here. Remember: You cannot access the list from an unregistered email.

SUBSCRIPTION SETTINGS. Also from the main page, click Subscription, upper left corner, to see your settings. You can change your email receipt settings or add a permanent signature to your account that will show up on all your messages.

LINKS ON MESSAGES ARE ONE-CLICK TOOLS. USE THEM.  List messages feature helpful links at the bottom. Familiarize yourself with them and use them. For members set to receive individual messages in html format (the majority of members), they include: View/Reply Online (msg#) | Reply To Group | Reply To Sender | Mute This Topic | New Topic  | Your Subscription | Contact Group Owner | Unsubscribe. Members with other settings will see variations in message footers.

REPLYING TO MESSAGES and MESSAGE ETIQUETTE. Members regularly complain about the whole list receiving messages intended for one person. Before you hit “reply,” determine if your message content is for one person or 600+ inboxes. Again, use the links above and on any list message to control your replies. If you have selected account settings on this list that preclude the Reply to Sender footer, remember to use your personal email account “reply” options as you do for all work and personal emails.

!! Do not share confidential or legally sensitive matters on this list.

!! Do not forward private emails to this list without original author permission.

!! Consider this private list a community forum. You are solely responsible for your posts and for all use of your email address registered on this list.

Last updated: 8/15/22