Lyon Park is residential neighborhood community located in Arlington County, Virginia. Lyon Park contains about 5,000 residents living in 2,500 households. Neighborhood demographic statistics are available here. Founded in 1919, it features a variety of homes and buildings built in the following years. Click here to see a history of the neighborhood and the designation of the neighborhood as a Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places. This designation imposes no restrictions on property owners but rather provides opportunities and incentives to maintain the character of contributing historic structures in the neighborhood.

Lyon Park is served by three neighborhood organizations working together.

  1. The Lyon Park Citizens Association is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization established to promote the welfare and advancement of the Lyon Park community in particular and Arlington County in general. The Association seeks to represent the interests of the Lyon Park community at public hearings and meetings and to distribute information on issues of concern to the community. The Lyon Park Citizens Association meets at the Lyon Park Community House, 414 N. Fillmore Street, at 7:30 PM on the second Wednesday of each month, except during July and August. Association documents, such as its Constitution and Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, past newsletters, and other important documents are in the Library. See how to join the Lyon Park Citizens Association at the bottom of this page.
  2. The Lyon Park Community Center. The Lyon Park community owns Lyon Park and is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds and the historic Community House building, a responsibility exercised through the Community Center Board of Governors. Funds for maintaining the Park and Community Center are derived through various community activities and rental of the Community House, as well as donations from individuals, the Citizens Association and the Woman’s Club. The Lyon Park Community Center is a registered Section 501c(3) charitable organization, and donations to it are generally tax-deductable. The Community Center is the sponsor for most of the monthly community events conducted at the Park. The Community Centers bylaws can be found in the Library, which also has a copy of the current draft plans for renovation of the Community House. See more information on the Other Organizations page.
  3. The Lyon Park Woman’s Club was established in 1925 and historically functioned like a traditional woman’s club, supporting various charities. Currently, its members enjoy each other’s company and engage in activities that support the Lyon Park Community Center, sponsoring several community events. Although its name implies the group is for women, men are also welcome. And some members live outside Lyon Park, making the Woman’s Club a way for nonresidents who have an interest in the Community Center and Park to get involved. Pot-luck lunch meetings are scheduled on the 4th Tuesday of each month at noon, from September to May.

The Lyon Park neighborhood has three parks within its boundaries. The Lyon Park parkground is located on North Pershing Drive between North Fillmore and North Garfield Streets. The community has supported the Park as a small children’s playground and has maintained its charming character as such. The park is designated as dog-free. The Park and the Community House are also host to a number of community-oriented entertainment events during the year, which help to give Lyon Park its distinctive feel as a cohesive neighborhood. Clay Park, located within Lyon Park on N. 7th Street between North Highland and North Garfield Streets, is owned and maintained by the County. It has a gazebo, a school-age playground, and an outdoor basketball court. Fillmore Park is located off North Fillmore Street between the Long Branch Elementary School and the County bike path and is also a County park. It has picnic tables, a school-age playground, and a youth baseball field.

The Arlington County Public Schools which neighborhood children attend include Long Branch Elementary School, located in Lyon Park, and Thomas Jefferson Middle School, within walking distance of the neighborhood.

The Lyon Park community enjoys its closeness to Clarendon, with its varied dining, shopping, and lively entertainment. The neighborhood has excellent access to public transportation; the Clarendon Metro Stop is within walking distance and there is bus service on the major thoroughfares through the community. However, despite its proximity to the “urban village,” Lyon Park retains its character as a quiet, well-established suburban neighborhood.

Membership in the Lyon Park Citizens Association

Lyon Park residents and residence owners are eligible for membership in the Lyon Park Citizens Association. LPCA does not accept membership applications from businesses and organizations. Membership dues are $10 annually, and memberships run from October 1st to September 30th of each year. Only members can vote at LPCA meetings, and members can receive special rental rates at the Community Center.