November 2021 BoG Minutes

LPCC Board of Governors Meeting

November 11, 2021, 7:00 PM


The meeting is virtual, and the sign in link is here:

  1. Call to Order (call to order by Jeannette Wick at 7pm)
    BOG Members present: Jeannette Wick, Elizabeth Wray, Natalie Roy, Bill Anhut, Aaron Schuetz,  Sheyla White, Bess Zelle, Paul Showalter, Tagrid Wahba

BOG Members absent: none

Guests present: Sue Robinson, Elizabeth Sheehy, Thora Colot

  1. Approval of the minutes of 10_14
    (not voted for approval. Will be voted on at next meeting)
  2. Announcements

Aaron:  BOG Meeting documents – online organization (proposed: agenda, minutes, and supporting documents will reside in online folder. All with this link have comment access) In the final minutes, linked documents will also be included as addendum at the bottom.

Aaron: Can we limit “email meetings” to emergency and information sharing only? Monthly meetings allow us to raise issues that can be researched and discussed the following month. Items should be included in the agenda, and request made for preparation/research when appropriate. Either in advance of the next meeting, or before the following meeting.

Discussion: Bess and Natalie and a few others pushed back on the idea of restricting email usage. Many comments were based on the need for information sharing, or dealing with emergency situations. Aaron reiterated that this was about focusing our work around the monthly meetings, rather than asking for peoples’ times throughout the month to weigh in on topics that often could wait until the meeting.

Jeannette commented that some people don’t check their email often, while others get many emails regularly, and that long email chains are difficult for some to keep up with.

Action: no decision, but request that folks determine immediacy of material before emailing vs. adding to agenda.

  1. Standing Agenda:

NEW BUSINESS FIRST: Sue Robinson and Elizabeth Sheehy present LPCA report on Community Center (LPCA had requested them to look into rental issues based on their experience with the LPCC and prior rental committee. 


Sue Robinson: introduces the LPCC issues. First, diversity and inclusion. Second, look at rental issues overall. (noise, cleaning, internal vs. external rentals)

Elizabeth: Effort is to find best way to be fair across the board, thus must find objective measures. This document is a starting point on the conversation.

Sue: Most civic associations don’t have a business that they run. We do. That’s complicated. Lots of issues.

Natalie: What’s the next step? What do we do with this (document)? 

Elizabeth: We need to involve the community (LP writ large) to find our course. Maybe LPCC open meeting. Maybe focus groups or other open meeting. Big question includes how much money we need to make to be sustainable. And what do neighbors want the LPCC to *be*… 

Sue: noise is a big issue. Can be worked through, need consistency (like decibel meter), need neighbors providing feedback, but we don’t need to make policy based on one (or two) neighbors. 

How do we standardize: noise and cleaning issues. 

Suggestion: make cleaning fees part of the rental price. 

Suggestion: BOG is already working on some of these issues. At end of meeting or in coming weeks, we can develop subcommittees to address other issues. 

Action/Outcome: subcommittees forming to discuss issues, some discussed later in this meeting. 

  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Renew Virginia Form 102, Virginia Registration Statement for Charitable Organization  
    2. File IRS 990

Discussion: Bill has already filed the 990, we’re behind on the 102 and need to do that. 

Action:  Jeannette will help get the 102 started. 

  1. Review of financial documents

Discussion: Bill: rental activity for past 4 months, rental income is $34,000 , which is an annual rate of about 100k, close to pre-covid levels. Cash balance is $49k ,liabilities of $40k, so net cash is about $9k. Insurance renewal is coming up (about $4k) , some tree work is also coming up. 

Jeannette: we like to have a reserve, and we’re pretty thin on that. We like to have $20k in reserve. A number that it was agreed isn’t likely to be reached for another year at current pace.
Action: In connection with other matters, Bill will work on seeing how the budget will likely look going forward (to help with the rental cost discussion and non-rental (community weekend) issues.

  1. Playground funds and cleaning

Discussion: some people complaining about it being dirty. Suggestion that a few neighbors/users of the park come out with rakes and clean up the park/sand. Bill doesn’t think it is a lot of money, we could use some volunteers. But the people raising their voices are not willing to put in effort. Maybe they’ll put in the money instead?
More public engagement is important to get buy-in.

Action/Outcome: Jeannette put ad in newsletter and posted on nextdoor. She now has $350 earmarked for playground work. 

Paul is already working in the park, has done maintenance on the benches/tables. Suggestion that Paul should bring “one pager” to help recruit helpers and donors.

  1. Rental Agent Report and Community House issues
    1. Need decision: “Teen Events” (HS Graduation, Quinceanera, Bar Mitzvah, etc.)

Discussion: We had lots of requests for rentals for graduation parties. We’ve had lots of problems with that in the past. We are already getting requests for may/june. Our most problematic rentals tend to be graduations, quinceaneras, bar mitzvahs. 

Aaron presented an idea about “teen parties: kid must live in the neighborhood, should not have alcohol, or live music”.

Natalie: Has had Bar Mitzvah and other parties at the LPCC. Doesn’t want to exclude such events. 

Jeannette: Arlington women’s club has decided no weddings and no Quinceaneras b/c they’ve had so many problems. 

Bess: We shouldn’t exclude certain groups. 

Natalie: I’m not comfortable with restrictions if they aren’t written down. Can we write it down to vote?
Paul: Do we have these restrictions for children’s birthday parties? Jeannette: hasn’t ever been an issue or complaint.

Voting item #1: Kids must reside in LP or AH:   vote aye:7 to no: 2

Vote item #2:   No alcohol at parties: unanimous agreement

Vote item #3:   no amplified music:  unanimous disagreement

Policies will be updated to reflect these votes. 

Draft of final statement for website/newsletter/sharing:

 After a number of problems with Community Center rentals for parties attended by large numbers of teenagers, the Lyon Park Board of Governors was forced to revisit its policies to limit its liability and damage to the Community Center. At the Nov 11th meeting of The Board of Governors, the policies were reviewed and updated. The Board recognizes the value of using the Community Center for members of our community to celebrate milestone events in their kids’ lives, so instead of following the lead of some similar community centers in the area and outright banning all such parties, the board instead voted to add some restrictions to such parties in the hopes of encouraging positive outcomes.

Going forward, the following rules will apply to parties for pre-teens and teens (such as high school graduations, quinceañeras, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and similar parties. This does not apply to college graduations or similar events):

  • The child for whom the party is being thrown must be a resident of Lyon Park or Ashton Heights; We do not rent for these parties to anyone who does not reside in the neighborhood, and we do not allow residents to sponsor non-residents for such events.
  • No alcohol will be allowed at events that are primarily focused on celebrating under-age people.
  1. Video surveillance

Discussion: (see this document for email discussion several days before meeting)

There is currently no audio associated with the videosurveillance.
For election day, cameras stay on, but election folks are aware and adjust accordingly. There have not been issues with them. Natalie requesting that it be shut down for that day. Paul is asking about disconnecting at source.

Rental agent and Jeannette have access to the video logs.

Bess: some neighbors are concerned about the video and audio recordings, and we should work on our messaging about it. Suggested we need legal counsel to review and advise. (addition by Natalie: “I thought we decided that Bess would definitely explore getting an attorney to counsel us on this whole issue”).  

Paul: video surveillance is everywhere today. Of course it should be in the LPCC. Paul has been at LPCC many times where the video has been useful to deal with bad rental situations. Improving messaging is important place to go. Perhaps newsletter should have an article about it… 

Natalie: A bigger issue is the standards which we have. We need clear policy where everyone knows.

Action/Outcome: Jeannette will speak with the county again about this and may turn it off for election days. Consider messaging in newsletter/etc. to help assuage concerns. Bess will liaise with a lawyer about the privacy concerns, but take no action involving a cost unless the BOG is aware.

  1. Rental evaluation form  (draft survey proposal by Roy)

Discussion:  please look at this. See how we can improve the form/questions/

QR code and online form is recommended.

Paul: We need to make sure the questions are phrased in a way to get the information we need. (actionable). Survey needs to be optional, but expected. Look at AirB&B and other places for template.

Action/Outcome:  voted to support a survey, members will work on the questions/format for a future meeting. (Natalie and Paul with others).

  1. Proposal to require proof of vaccination ( Proposal by Roy)

Discussion: Natalie works with vaccination group, sees that it is commonly expected/required, seems legal and accepted. Might be impossible to require for guests, but may send a message that is useful.
What’s the enforcement mechanism?
Aaron suggests phrase: “It is the expectation that all users of our community center are vaccinated against covid-19.”

Action/Outcome: we will refine language and vote on contract addition at the next meeting.

  1. Directive to the rental agent to restrict rental inquiries to her LPCC e-mail address

Discussion: there are legal issues, we need to make sure the official LPCC email is always used. 

Action/Outcome: BOG members reminded to avoid rental agent’s personal email when working with rental agent.

  1. Lyon Park Community Weekend Events Proposal (Schuetz)

Discussion: What about the financials? This is about 20% of the income potential. How much is fixed cost (about $5k/mo). We’d need to raise that amount on an annual basis.
Bill: What if there is no event for a certain night? Aaron: Then it remains empty. There’s often pressure on community events vs. paying customers. This is a problem.

Natalie: can we charge more for weddings/etc so that we can have the place unrented at other times. 

Jeannette: We need financial analysis. We only have $9k in the bank, we need to see if we can survive without the rental incomes. Can we do a pilot program for this? Maybe just Friday/Saturday or something. Try it for a few months and see if it is well received.
Aaron: I hope/expect that as our community gets used to it, more people will volunteer/participate. And donate. 

Bill: We need $80k/year minimum. About $6700/mo. (quick estimate only. Bill will work out some better numbers).

Paul: check for other events in Arlington to be aware before planning when the community weekends would be.

Action/Outcome: We will start with Friday/Saturday in March/April, 3rd weekend of the month. 

Start putting announcements in the newsletter to promote. “Community Weekends” 

  1. Special Events
    1. Yard sale 30OCT2021 (Margaret Scrymser: Intake $430)
    2. Parade of costumes 30OCT2021 (Paul Showalter) 
    3. Bonfire (LPCA representatives)
    4. Craft Fair 20NOV2021 (Jeannette Wick)
    5. Holiday Party SANTA EXPRESS (Paul Showalter)
    6. Pancake breakfast

Discussion: Yard sale and parade were great. Rental on bonfire night cancelled at last minute. Bonfire was great, though. Natalie wishes the communication was better about the rental cancellation and lack of access to building (for water and bathrooms). Kit says bathrooms have been open in the past, but main hall has been closed. Thora and Kathleen now have codes for access.
Craft fair: vendors are vaccinated, good number of them coming.
Santa express dec 11th (Sat)


Natalie: make sure to get names of volunteers for future events.

Jeannette answers her phone, call if needing access or info about renters. She’ll track it down. 

Jeannette will contact pancake breakfast and Chili dinner crew about scheduling for 2022.

  1. Capital Improvement
    1. Pershing Drive redevelopment

Discussion: none

  1. Fundraising

Discussion: none

  1. Deeds issue: Jeannette described the current structure of the BoG with trustees and explained that we’ve been advised that most organizations are moving away from a Trustee structure because of liability issues. But, because funds are low, this is not a change we can afford to pursue if we pay someone.

Discussion: it might be possible to find a pro-bono lawyer from the neighborhood. 

Action: none. 

  1. New Business  (see above for community center presentation minutes)

Reminder from chair: as an incorporated group, a non-profit business, we have responsibilities. 

We are a 501c3, so should minutes be public? Will discuss process at next meeting

LPCA will be having holiday gathering Dec 8th, mostly outdoors, at the LPCC. 


Operating expenses analysis: Bill will work with Natalie, Bess, and Paul to look at financial picture

Rental committee to raise rents: Natalie and Bess will look at comparable facilities and determine what their rates are.

Community weekend: Aaron will work with Jeannette on establishing calendar dates for spring.

Surveys/form: Natalie and Paul and Jeannette will work on writing the survey and finding appropriate implementation method.

Noise issues: Add to January agenda (Aaron with Sue Robinson will look at options)

Privacy issues: Bess will liaise with a lawyer about the privacy concerns, but take no action involving a cost unless the BOG is aware.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:59pm with Elizabeth Wray gaveling the session closed on the eve of her 90th birthday. 

No December meeting.

Next meeting will be Thursday, Jan 13, 2022. 

____Aaron Schuetz _____________    _________Jeannette Wick_______________

Secretary                                                                                         Chair


Addendum 1) LPCA Presentation to the BOG on community center rental policy
Community Center Presentation to the BoG  Earlier this summer individuals formed a small group in response to a YELP review of an event at the Community Center as well as other concerns about the openness of the Lyon Park community.  The committee formed two groups one focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, the other focused on LPCH rental policies and their implementation. The overarching goal of both was to identify objective strategies to support a community that welcomes and assures equitable treatment of all. Sue Robinson and Elizabeth Sheehy were asked to look into the rental issues due to their experience as members of the first post-renovation rental committee.  Specifically, the task was to suggest ways to assure that all renters are welcomed and treated fairly and that participation opportunities for the Lyon Park community be increased.   Sue and Elizabeth made a short presentation at a Zoom LPCA meeting.  They recommended four operational/rental changes and emphasized the fact that this was a BoG issue that under our current bylaws must be resolved by the BoG. During the discussion that followed, and conversation at other meetings, additional suggestions were added.  The suggested guiding principles were:Treat neighbors and renters respectfully and with good will.  Renters should be welcomed warmly and with the assumption that we are all neighbors regardless of our address.Ensure that complaints are evaluated using objective standards to avoid misunderstandings.While the BoG serves as the day-to-day caretakers of the LPCH, the community also bears some responsibility in shaping its priorities and ensuring Lyon Park continues to be an open and welcoming community.  The following recommendations for BoG action are suggested:  Noise IssuesResponse to noise complaints should be objective. Current response to noise complaints are subjective, based on close neighbors’ complaints. Any penalty for noise disturbance should be based on measurable criteria. To ensure objectivity decibel meters (or similar device) both inside and outside the building should be used. The BoG would determine the acceptable inside and outside levels. Any penalty would be based on a check of the decibel meter.Consider making changes to other rules–for instance, if there is no loud behavior or music (determined by the decibel meter) then renters would be allowed to be outside or at the least on the outside porch.    Cleaning FeesCleaning fees (loss of deposit) should be objective. There is a perception that the decision to charge renters additional cleaning fees (from their deposit) after the event is subjective. Although a video camera is used to determine whether renters clean or not, it is not clear how the decision is made. If this policy continues, develop guidelines for the use of video cameras, i.e. only check the videos if there is a problem. Consider requiring renters to pay a cleaning fee as is generally done by event venues. Basic cleanup/pick up should be identified and required.Conduct a new search for a cleaning company or reduce the number of weekend morning events given previous difficulty in finding cleaners who are available to clean after 11 PM or before 9 AM.   Rentals vs. Community UseThere is concern that the number of community center rentals significantly reduces the opportunity for community events. Having paid off the renovation debt, many believe that we don’t “need” as many private rentals. Post-Covid there is also a desire to provide as many neighborhood functions as possible to assist in our efforts to be an open and welcoming community.The BoG should request Treasurer, Bill Anhut to present a comprehensive financial review of expenses and income. Better understanding the current financial condition will inform the discussions about rental fees, cost of maintenance and the necessary amount of rentals the LPCH requires. Provide options to block times for community activities, whether formal events or informal gathering opportunities, but at the same time discuss ways to assure that the “free time” is used.Consider creating a maintenance fund or endowment to ensure that the needs of the facility are met.  Other concernsReview rules that may need to be reconsidered, to assure rules align with county guidelines and our county use permit.Discuss problematic rentals, so that members understand how issues are currently resolved and identify ways to work together to avoid issues and ensure all renters are treated fairly and with respect.Consider and discuss additional upgrades/changes and costs that could improve the overall rental experience (acoustics, lighting, etc) Feedback, Ideas and ActionCurrent feedback regarding use and issues (by renters and neighbors) appear to be generally anecdotal.  The Lyon Park community and its leadership might benefit from more data gathering which could found in several forms:Develop a short survey to provide feedback on rentals (if it does not currently exist). This could help to identify things that are not working as well as offer ideas to improve our offerings. Conduct a meeting with near neighbors or at minimum, a survey of those neighbors to help the BoG and/or a committee understand what their primary concerns are, their frequency, and whether the concerns are important to a majority or a few of the neighbors.  Create a short Lyon Park survey, asking all neighbors for input on ideas to strengthen community involvement in both use of the community center and the volunteer tasks (opportunities) that are needed to provide activities and programs.Invite residents to a post-renovation charrette, to solicit (in a non-binding, non-controversial way) neighbors’ opinions about what is working, what needs improvement, and how the community can best be served by our beautiful Community House. The means of gathering ideas could take many forms and focus on productive sharing.Form a committee(s) that might include both LPCA and Women’s Club members to look further into specific issues.
Addendum 2:  Video surveillance email thread pre-meeting
Chronological transcript of video surveillance email thread.
Natalie (11/08):I also have another question. In addition to video, do our cameras have audio capability? Are we recording people’s conversations? This was brought to my attention and I wanted some clarification. I could not imagine that is happening, so wanted someone to confirm we are not recording people’s private conversations. 
Thanks everyone!Natalie

Jeannette (11/09)Good question, and I can best answer it but I need some context. What specifically was brought to your attention and by whom? I’ll anticipate your next question: Why do I need to know? First, as stated, you’re reporting hearsay and it would be helpful to all us to know what you’re referring to and whether this came directly from a renter or someone else. Second, the answer is not a clear yes or no, and I can explain better if you provide the information I’ve asked for. The BoG tries not to do business on the e-mail, but this seems to be a matter of education. Happy to answer once I have that information. I had planned to discuss a situation at the meeting this Thursday, so you can either reply or wait for the meeting. 
Natalie (11/09) Jeannette:I am asking a simple, straightforward question, do we record people’s conversations in the LPCC?Natalie Roy

Bess (11/09)Hi,I’d like more info before the meeting about our policy for what is filmed/recorded, who has access to the records, how long they are kept, who has access, etc.Thanks,Bess Jeannette (11/09)Thank you Bess. As I noted, this is a lot of information and it would be helpful to know the specific issue as so often, information is dosorted as it is repeated.We use Nest cameras.We installed them after we had a couple of events that caused tremendous damage to the community center (one of which burned the main hall floor, necessitating refinishing it and the renter insisted they didn’t do it) and complaints that homeless people were sleeping and defecating in the cellar stairway.Before installing them, the company consulted on placement. They were very helpful in explaining a few things:The LPCC and the park are public spaces and there is no expectation of privacyThere is an expectation of privacy in any area where people might disrobe; the bathrooms and second floor area where brides dress are camera free.We needed to include the fact that we have cameras in the contract.We have nine views:Cellar stairsTrash corral and big kitchen doorSun porch, north endSun porch, south endInside entrance, Pershing St. doorHallway over janitor’s closetBig kitchenMain hallSunroomThe cameras sense three things: actual people present, doors opening, and movement. They send an alert to the rental agent’s cell phone if the doors open or people are present when no one is supposed to be there. They also send an alert if the system goes down.I can access the video remotely (but rarely do).The cameras pick up sound, but for the most part, it’s impossible to hear distinct conversation.If a neighbor complains, one can access and hear if the sound is loud (but not hear any distinct conversation) and see if doors and windows are open.If the center is almost empty and there is no competing noise, one can hear conversation at the janitor’s closet because the ceilings are low and the camera is close to the door. No one monitors continually.The rental contract states, “Due to prior damage to the building and unauthorized access, the LPCC Board has installed a video surveillance system. While no one will be monitoring your event real-time, the system sends an alert every time anyone enters the building and the recordings may be used to verify activity history, if necessary. By signing this Rental Agreement, the renter consents to their event being under video surveillance and the video being reviewed, if necessary.”We do review when renters allege they clean, but they do not; enter early; or stay past the end time (but inist they were gone). It has been very helpful to have a camera at the janitor’s closet because we can see when people have actually never opened that door.The cameras retain 30 days of video and erase all previous.If we have a problem and suspect the renter will sue, we save short video clips as appropriate.That should cover everything. I have changed the subject line to reflect the content.  Bess (11/09)Hi,Thank you for providing a comprehensive view of the camera usage, I really appreciate you taking time to explain more. I have a few questions I’d like to get answers for before our meeting, please see below. Best,Bess Who has access to the recordings?When are they reviewed?How are they stored?After 30 days at the records permanently destroyed?Do renters have an option to turn off video/audio recording?  Jeannette (11/09)Who has access to the recordings? Answered belowWhen are they reviewed? Only if we have a problem (noise, violation of the fire capacity, post-event dispute)How are they stored? Cloud with secure passwordAfter 30 days at the records permanently destroyed? YESDo renters have an option to turn off video/audio recording? NO
Addendum 3: draft survey for LPCC (post) rentals
LPCC DRAFT SURVEY November 9, 2021 Thank you so much for taking time to fill out this short survey and provide  feedback on your recent rental of the historic Lyon Park Community Center (LPCC). These evaluations are crucial in helping the Lyon Park community  provide the best rental service possible for all LPCC patrons. All feedback and recommendations are shared with the Lyon Park Community Center Board of  Governors (BOG), the non-profit board that manages and oversees the community  center and park on behalf of the Lyon Park neighborhood. 1. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the worst, 5 the best) did the LPCC facility meet  your expectations from start to finish? This includes cleanliness,  accessibility, noise, kitchen appliances, and so forth. Please circle one: 1———2———3——–4———5 What did you like best about the LPCC facility? ______________________________________________________________________ If you ran into any problems with the facility, please detail the issues you  had below.  _______________________________________________________________________ 2. On a scale of 1-5, (1 being the worst, 5 the best), please rate your  experience with the rental process? This includes payment, contract particulars, building access, clean up information, getting your deposit  back in a timely manner, etc.) 1———2———3——–4———5
 Comments on the process: (optional) ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________3. What measures, if any, would you recommend the Lyon Park Community  Center consider adopting to improve the overall experience? Comments (optional):  _____________________________________________________________________________Name (Optional): __________________________________ Lyon Park resident: Circle one: Yes or No If you are not a resident, how did you hear about the LPCC rental? Thank you again for renting the LPCC and for filling out this evaluation form. We  appreciate it! Please send the form to: xxxxxx or you can  deliver it directly to: 55555 N Awesome Street, Lyon Park
Addendum 4: proposal for LP community weekends 
Lyon Park Community WeekendsA Proposal by Aaron Schuetz
This is a proposal for the Lyon Park Community Center and Park to be reserved one weekend of every month (mid-day Friday through Sunday evening, with the option to extend if the weekend borders a holiday) for events benefitting the entire Lyon Park community. This sends a clear message to the neighborhood that the central function of the Center and Park is “the benefit of the residents of Lyon Park and vicinity…” (Articles of Incorporation).
With a recurring, monthly weekend, our neighbors can “put it on their calendar” and expect that something is happening every month in their community center. This also allows neighbors who want to organize community events for the neighborhood to have a space already reserved and waiting.
We often have issues with reservations happening far in advance and making it difficult for community-focused events that aren’t planned a year or more out.This shift may actually act as an enticement to fill the empty spaces.

These events would have to be officially planned, including coordinating supervision and cleaning. As we add new events, the property manager can assist in coordinating volunteers, acquiring permits if needed, etc.

As official, sanctioned Lyon Park events, there would be no rental cost, but cleaning and other costs would be covered by a mix of donations and fundraising in connection with the events.

This schedule would not prohibit the use of the LPCC for other community events that don’t fall on this weekend (Halloween events, for example), but this proposal anticipates many/most events can be scheduled to be within this monthly window.

Along with our more established events, these weekends can see the LPCC opened for smaller-scale events that neighbors want to try out (not private events, they must be advertised to the community, even if of niche interest). A few ideas:Board game night (adult or teen)Movie night (inside or outside)Beer/brewing eventsSocials centered around connecting certain groups within our neighborhood
(retirees, veterans, minorities, folks with disabilities, LGBTQ, new parents, etc) Music events (recitals for kids, or jam sessions for musicians, etc.)Kids day: just open the park and community center (supervised, but bathrooms open; maybe some craft activities inside)Bike safety classes and tune-ups

(incomplete) Calendar of events for the LPCC

JanPancake Breakfast



MayFood Truck (usually early May) 
Spring Fair (3rd weekend of May)



SeptFood Truck (usually mid september) 

NovCraft Fair
DecHoliday Party

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