Let’s Recycle…Properly

Nearly all our residents participate in recycling, but many blue recycle bins contain items that don’t belong there. Plastic bags are a major no-no, since they get tangled in recycling machinery. Anything in plastic bags is discarded as trash. Here is a list of items that should not go in your blue recycle bin:

Does Not Belong in Blue Recycle BinWhere Can it Go?
Plastic bags, bubble wrapSelect grocery stores* take clean, dry plastic bags or put in trash
Glass of any kindPut in the big metal bin at the Quincy Recycling Dropoff on Washington Blvd, near W&L High School, or put in trash
Plastic less than 4 inchesGoes in the trash
Disposable drinking, coffee, and condiment plastic cups/tops and plastic platesGoes in the trash
StyrofoamFor the highly motivated recycler, EPS Recycling in Crofton MD takes Styrofoam. Google them for more info. They do not accept packing peanuts
Styrofoam packing peanutsParcel Plus in the Lee Harrison shopping center accepts packing peanuts for reuse. Other packaging/mailing stores may also
Food and food tainted paper productsPut all food and food tainted paper in your beige, countertop compost bin; transfer to your green yard waste bin for pickup
Wire hangersDrop off at select dry cleaners** if in good shape for reuse or put in the trash
Shredded paperGoes in the trash
Plastic eating utensils (e.g., forks)Drop clean utensils at The Lamb Center for the homeless in Fairfax City for reuse or put in put the trash
Electronic waste, kitchenwareSee Arlington county’s recycling website for more info
* Including Giant Food (3450 Washington Blvd) and Harris Teeter (600 N Glebe Rd)
**Including Hurt Cleaners (3410 Wilson Blvd)