NEXTDOOR is a secure, private social network for neighborhood communities. It’s the easiest way for neighbors to connect and share information, and it’s free.
Lyon Park neighbors use this app and/or website to:

  • Quickly get the word out about break-ins or suspicious activity
  • Find a babysitter
  • Get recommendations for a plumber
  • Post lost dog alerts
  • Give away furniture
  • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name

Find out about Lyon Park news and events, and help us build a stronger, safer community.

Email and Forum Guidelines

The general listserv and online forums (hereafter “list”) are for use by residents, property owners and business/nonprofit interests located in Lyon Park to facilitate discussion, encourage connections and foster a general sense of community.

  • Only residents of Lyon Park and Ashton Heights, as well as commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations located in Lyon Park may subscribe to the list.
  • The list manager may verify the eligibility of those posting to it, as required.
  • The LPCA Executive Committee may grant others permission to receive list messages at its sole discretion.
  • The Executive Committee may also create additional lists to meet specific community requests and/or needs (e.g. development, commercial listings).
  • The LPCA assumes no liability for anything posted to the list.

The LPCA operates the list to enhance community communications, and has set the following rules governing participation and content:

  • Those posting messages to the list must identify themselves by name in their posting.
  • No spam messages, offensive remarks, and/or abusive language.
  • No hate speech or slurs.
  • No vulgarities or crude language.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No posting of job announcements or position openings.

Members shall not use the list for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to the solicitation, promotion or sales of products or services, or for events where business advertising or sales take place. All personal or business advertising is prohibited except for the following items, which are permitted exclusively in the “Listings” forum:

  • Neighborhood children or young adults offering babysitting, pet sitting, lawn or other similar services.
  • Local non-profit and public school events.
  • Ticket sales where no profit is incurred.
  • Announcements concerning free merchandise (e.g. “curb alerts”).
  • Personal recommendations for third-party commercial service providers (e.g. plumbers, electricians, daycare) when submitted in response to a direct request and when the poster has no commercial/financial affiliation with the recommended provider.

No posting of political or election campaign material including:

  • Links to political websites.
  • Quotations of political literature.
  • Discussions or opinions on political or politically partisan topics.

Anyone who violates these rules will receive a warning off-line. At the discretion of the LPCA Executive Committee, repeat violators and individuals who have knowingly violated the rules will be subject to having their posts moderated and/or may be removed from list membership. Reinstatement of a canceled or moderated account requires approval of the LPCA Executive Committee.