Scavenger Hunt

So, you think you know Lyon Park? These fifty photos come from all corners of the neighborhood. Some are easy to recognize. Some are downright challenging! How many can you identify? Are you up for the challenge? Whether you want to challenge another family in the neighborhood or try to beat every single person in Lyon Park, this is a great way to stay isolated while you stay engaged and enjoy being outside.

Challenge Level 1: Try to identify as many as possible. Make a list. Remember, there’s more than one “Speed Hump” sign in Lyon Park. Do you know where the one in the photo is located

Challenge Level 2: Go out and photograph as many as you can. The team with the most matching photos wins!

Connect with your neighbors through NextDoor to challenge each other and/or provide hints.

Go to to find full resolution photos, hints, and eventually a map with full solutions for each photo.

Good luck! The winner gets to imagine a crowd applauding for them.

Download a copy of the hunt: WORD DOC